The KISS Principle For Stress Management

I love the opportunity to convey really simple and easy techniques to manage the everyday stressors we are exposed to. When a colleague of mine in the area of Mental Toughness in the UK posted a video this week on 3 simple principles to manage stress, I just had to share it. Here are Anthony Taylor’s 3 simple techniques to manage stress management and then take a look at his video.

3 Tips To Help You Start To Lower Your Stress Levels.

First - Change Your Perception

3 or 4.jpg

To Change Your Perception, ask yourself these 2 questions:

1)      On a scale from 1-10 (10 being death) how important is this?

2)      Six months from now, how important is this likely to be?


Second – Change your physiology.

You can change your physiology simply by breathing more slowly.

Try the 4 square breathing technique…..

4 square breathing.png

Third – Do Something To Change The Problem

Focus on your 50%

You can’t do much to change someone else or often the situation you find yourself in, but you can control your half – your thoughts, your feelings/emotions, your reactions. Take control of these and you can actually do a lot to change the problem.


Take a look at Anthony’s video:

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Michelle Bakjac is an experienced Psychologist, Organisational Consultant, Coach, Speaker and Facilitator. As Director of Bakjac Consulting, she is a credentialed Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a member of Mental Toughness Partners and an MTQ48 accredited Mental Toughness practitioner. Michelle assists individuals and organisations to develop their Mental Toughness to improve performance, leadership, behaviour and wellbeing.