Make 2018 Your Year!

 Bakjac Consulting 2018

Bakjac Consulting 2018

The New Year is a brand-spanking new set of 365 days which brings endless opportunities to grow, develop and fill with achievements, happiness and milestones!  The list of goals and possibilities you can achieve are endless.  Developing mental toughness and a positive mindset is a necessary first step in making 2018 your best year yet.

Bakjac Consulting is running an Online Mental Toughness Development Programme which will set you up for the challenges and opportunities in the year ahead.

This 5 week online Webinar series will commence in late January 2018 and will begin with you completing the MTQ48 to gain an understanding of your current Mental Toughness.

Then you will participate in a 5 week mental toughness development programme which includes:

– a 1 hour webinar once per week

– a comprehensive workbook full of Mental Toughness exercises to complete week to week

– a 30 minute personal phone coaching session to review your MTQ48 and your Mental Toughness Development goal setting.

The 5 week sessions include:

Week 1:  Mental Toughness and how you can develop your skills.

Week 2:  Control – learn to manage your emotions and those of others.

Week 3:  Commitment – develop the habits to effectively set goals and have stickability to those goals.

Week 4:  Challenge – learn to see opportunity rather than threat in new challenges and manage and cope with change.

Week 5:  Confidence – develop confidence in your own ability and the confidence to interact with others. Develop your presence.

Want to Know More About This Mental Toughness Development Programme :

Please contact Michelle Bakjac direct at Bakjac Consulting or via email or by phone 0412 047 590.