You Can Do It!

You Can Do It!

What self-fulfilling prophecy does your leadership provide?

As a leader, do you adopt a no limitation belief in the potential and worth of each and every person in your team? You can begin by coaching your team with an enthusiasm that says “You can do it” When you have confidence in ALL the members of your team, they have maximum opportunity to grow and meet both their own needs as well as the needs of the team. As a result they will provide a greater contribution, greater commitment to goals, be more self-confident and manage challenges.

You can create a self-fulfilling prophecy for your team by believing in their capacity to perform productively, be committed, adapt to change and think positively. We all tend to live up to what is expected of us by others. If we believe in our own ability to succeed we tend to take more risks, think outside the square and be more confident in ourselves and accept tasks that are delegated. By encouraging our staff to think positively about themselves, their team and their organisation, we encourage positive expectations and positive outcomes.

Creating the potential for a high performance environment is one of the goals of an effective leader.

With your assistance as a leader, your team has the capacity to enhance their “Can do it” attitude. Confidence, Commitment, Challenge and Control are key attributes within the 4C’s framework of the MTQ48 psychometric tool.

Control and Commitment combined represents resilience, the ability to survive.

Challenge together with Confidence measure confidence, the ability to flourish.

Overall, MTQ48 is an ideal framework to test and develop mental toughness and your teams “Can Do It” attitude.  The MTQ48, which takes 8-10 minutes online, is a normative measure that has been well researched and validated around the world and is now used extensively in the occupational sectors.

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