Is Your Team Confident?

Is Your Team Confident?

Building Confidence Is A Key Attribute For Mentally Tough People


What is Mental Toughness?

“A personality trait which determines in large part how people deal with challenge, stressors and pressure… irrespective of prevailing circumstances”

Clough and Strycharczyk”

Being mentally tough is being comfortable with who you are and equips you to be not only resilient but also confident and enables you to see challenges as opportunities – certainly very valuable within current VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) organisational climates.

Almost all successful people possess the mental toughness personality trait. This invariably means they are in control of their career and life and are sufficiently persistent and committed to fulfilling their goals. Mentally tough people create and take opportunities and have the confidence and self-belief to achieve the impossible as well as the possible.

Possessing the confidence to take full advantage of situations and opportunities is a key attribute of mentally tough people.

Building confidence, allows you to recognise and value your strengths and skills.  This “confidence” attribute enables you to develop your self-belief and therefore perform to and beyond your capability.  Building confidence and your self-belief also enhances your ability to influence others, especially during conflict and challenge.

A mentally tough person’s confidence reinforces their belief in their own situation without the need for extensive or continual external validation or encouragement.  

A confident person is comfortable in the company of others and builds rapport and relationships relatively quickly and easily.

Confidence is a key attribute within the 4C’s framework of the MTQ48 psychometric tool. The other 3 C’s are:




Control and Commitment combined represents resilience, the ability to survive.

Challenge together with Confidence measure confidence, the ability to flourish.

Overall, MTQ48 is an ideal framework to test and develop mental toughness.  The MTQ48, which takes 8-10 minutes online, is a normative measure that has been well researched and validated around the world and is now used extensively in the occupational, educational, social and sporting sectors.

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