Strengths or Weaknesses??? Which Do You Focus On??

Strengths or Weaknesses??? Which Do You Focus on?

So……. Do you focus on your strengths, or do you try and always rectify your weaknesses?

Let’s pretend you are a little sailboat out in the middle of a beautiful open blue ocean. But unfortunately, you have a leak. Let’s call that leak your weakness. Now common sense dictates that we shouldn’t ignore that leak altogether otherwise you are going to sink. It is therefore important that you attend to the leak, in fact, it is often critical that we do. In the real world, leaks like this are our weaknesses. They can make us sink unless we attend to them and take care. So of course, we need to put some effort in to attend to this weakness. BUT……. Even if we attend to this leak, you will not be able to actually travel anywhere on that big beautiful blue ocean. It is your sails….. Your actual strengths that give your forward momentum. Sure, you need to take care of your leak to stop you sinking, but you need to hoist those sails up high to catch that wind and move you forward to where you want to go.

Focusing on only our weaknesses is not sufficient to help us move forward.

There is strong scientific foundation to have a strengths focus. When we identify our strengths and focus on nurturing what we are naturally good at, we gain significant benefit. Research demonstrates when we use our strengths we are more confident, have higher self-esteem, greater levels of energy, are more resilient and are much more likely to reach our goals.

Using your strengths helps you to personally develop and grow. You find you are often more engaged at work and in your relationships.

So……. Do you know what your strengths are? Are you too busy plugging leaks, or are you hoisting your sails so you can “go places”. Contact Michelle at Bakjac Consulting now on 0412047590 or for a consultation/coaching to allow you to reach your full potential.