Workshop - Ready For Action



This energetic and engaging workshop combines the MTQ 4C’s framework with martial arts techniques to develop resilience and mental toughness to energize, galvanize and unite employees which in turn will lead to an engaged, positive and productive organisational culture. Mentally tough people are generally more productive, more positive, more engaged and less susceptible to stress.

Program includes:

·         MTQ-Plus assessment

·         Test results with development report on how to become mentally tougher

·         Ready for Action workbook

·         Personal action plan

Workshop Details:

·         Using MTQ 4C’s Framework For Success

·         Increase Confidence – Alert not Alarmed

·         Finding Your Purpose Professionally and Personally

·         Develop Affinity Through Self-Defence and Martial Arts           Techniques

·         Generate Energy To Build Confidence

·         Celebrate The Power Of Synergy

Workshop Outcomes:

Participants will be equipped with models and strategies to increase resilience and mental toughness to better deal with setbacks and stressors, and stay on track in achieving career and life success through:

·         an understanding that a positive mindset is key to achieving peak performance and success

·         the ability to bounce back and see challenges as opportunities

·         increased interpersonal confidence and confidence in own abilities.