Building Resilience and Mental Toughness To Unleash Potential


Full Day Session

Resilience and Mental Toughness are becoming much sought after attributes in leaders, individuals, organisations, schools, colleges and universities.  Building and developing mental toughness and resilience is especially important to those experiencing significant change or stress, or those wishing to improve performance or wellbeing.

This dynamic, energetic, engaging workshop challenges participants to unleash their full potential to reach peak performance in their personal and professional life.  The sessions explore the term Mental Toughness, the 4 C’s framework together with practical exercises that develop and introduce strategies and techniques to building resilience.  The session brings the Mental Toughness 4Cs Framework to life through group activities so be ready to participate in some challenges.

Workshop Outcomes:

Participants will gain an understanding of the Mental Toughness 4Cs Framework as well as the history, origins and applications of mental toughness.  Participants will be equipped with models and strategies to increase resilience and mental toughness to better deal with setbacks and stressors, and stay on track in achieving career and life success through:

·         an understanding that a positive mindset is key to achieving              peak performance and success

·         the ability to bounce back and see challenges as opportunities

·         increased interpersonal confidence and confidence in own                abilities.

Workshop includes:

·         MTQ-Plus assessment

·         Test results with development report on how to become                      mentally tougher

·         Comprehensive workbook and course materials

·         Practical activities and strategies to build mental toughness

·         Personal action plan

Workshop outline:

·         Workshop Objectives – to set participant specific objectives

·         Introduction to Mental Toughness

·         Understanding The 4C’s Framework – Control, Commitment,            Challenge and Confidence

·         Understanding Your Personal Mental Toughness Profile

·         Practical Mental Toughness Development Activities

·         Building Mental Toughness – practical skills, tools, techniques            and strategies

·         Mental Toughness to manage change and challenges

·         Building personal and interpersonal confidence.

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