Bakjac Consulting’s “lunch and learn” sessions are informative, interactive, and engaging.  Our series of practical 60 minute sessions addressing wellbeing, mental toughness and personal development are ideal for lunchtime learning.

In these constantly changing times individuals and organisations regularly face change and uncertainty.  Resilience, mental toughness and the well-being of staff is vital to the success of all individuals, teams and organisations.

Mentally tough and resilient employees are more productive, more positive, more engaged, better able to manage distractions and less susceptible to stress.

Our mental toughness “lunch and learn” sessions will energize, galvanize and unite employees in a supportive, productive and positive culture.

Our sessions will provide participants with knowledge and strategies to achieve a resilient and positive mindset to be better able to deal with setbacks, stressors and stay on track in achieving career and life success.

These can be offered as a series or as a one-off standalone session. Sessions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Topics include:

·        Developing Mental Toughness

·        Using the Mental Toughness Framework For Your Success and  Wellbeing

·        Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable – Managing Challenges.

·        Developing a Professional Mindset using Mental Toughness

·        Developing a Leadership Mindset using Mental Toughness

·        Increase Confidence – Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared

·        Emotional Management 101

·        Brain Training – How To Maintain Focus

·        Why Process Goals Are The Best Goals

·        Own Your Wellbeing – Put Your Own Air Mask On First.

·        Building Resilient Teams

·        How To Lead Your Team To Be Champions

·        The Importance of Mindset in Leadership

For more information on any of these topics or to discuss design of a topic specific to your teams needs, contact Michelle on 0412047590 or