Does your organisation have a wellbeing strategy?


If you are considering designing a specific wellbeing strategy for your organisation, Bakjac Consulting can assist in facilitating a team session to formulate your "Wellbeing Why"

The session commences with a brief presentation regarding objectives followed by a facilitated session to allow for key outcomes and objectives in a number of key areas.

Traditionally, approaches to psychological functioning in the workplace have focused on the negative impact that work and the work environment can have on employees and organisations. Understanding the potential negative impacts of work is important and can contribute to preventing mental illnesses and losses in productivity. However, an approach that focuses solely on the dysfunctional elements of work in order to prevent illness does not adequately capture the elements of the workplace that engage employees, nor does it explain why some organisations develop environments where employees thrive and reach their optimal potential.

The purpose of this session is to review specific strategies to build a thriving work place environment within an organisation.

Strategy discussions via facilitated session covers:

  • Recognising your organisations “WHY” for Wellbeing
  • Progress to the “HOW” for implementation
  • Positive leadership style
  • Communicating effectively
  • Designing jobs for positive health and wellbeing
  • Recruitment and selection of employees
  • Supporting and developing employees
  • Balancing work and life demands
  • Positive Mental Health and wellbeing initiatives.
  • Bringing physical and mental health into an equivalent work space.
  • Promoting a “thriving” work environment.

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