Accelerating Performance, Success and Wellbeing Through Coaching

Coaching is a goal oriented, solution focussed, question based conversation to support the development of the coachee and achievement of their goals.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their growth”
Sir John Whitmore

Leadership Coaching unlocks potential, removes interference, increases engagement and boosts potential…resulting in a dynamic and focused organisation.

Bakjac Consulting’s goal is to build individual and leadership insights and accelerate performance and opportunities for empowerment. Leadership requires flexibility, adaptability and Mental Toughness. A leader needs to be equipped to make fast decisions, manage multiple priorities and drive efficiency and improve productivity. 

Bakjac Consulting, uses a strengths based approach to trigger interest, self-worth, energy, motivation and action. A coachee can harness their Mental Toughness and strengths to manage whatever is interfering with them achieving their full potential and productivity.

Bakjac Consulting utilises and draws upon a number of disciplines and coaching is reinforced by the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology and cognitive psychology.

Coaching at Bakjac Consulting explores the full landscape impacting on the coachee. This includes internal self-beliefs, behaviours, external input and the factors impacting on all of these. 

Real Behaviour Change

The goal of Bakjac Consulting is to challenge and support leaders to reflect on their style and default thinking and its impacts and step outside of their comfort zone to risk the trial of new skills and to move toward cognitive and emotional learning and invoke real behavioural change.

Bakjac Consulting can assist maximise leadership potential and provide a performance edge to your business.

Could your leadership team benefit from accelerating their success?

 Could they benefit from:

  • Coaching for Performance
  • Managing Conversations
  • Resilient Leadership and more

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