Mental Toughness Assessment For Organisations


Mentally Tough people are generally more productive, more positive, more engaged and less susceptible to stress.
This package is an extremely effective tool for managers in recruitment and selection process, performance management, employee management and development and staff retention.
Package includes:
•    MTQ-Plus online psychometric test
•    3 reports – assessor, coaching and development
•    20 minute coaching debrief

The debrief will provide further insight into the area the manager wishes to explore:
•      the recruitment and selection process
          -is the candidate a good fit for the company
          -is the candidate suitable for the role
          -specific interview questions relevant to the candidate
•      performance management
          -what drives this employee
          -best methods to motivate
          -suitable approaches to change and manage performance
•      employee management and development
          -identifies areas in which employees can be developed and                  trained
          -developing mental toughness in employees increasing                        performance and productivity
          -company culture can be improved and better managed                        through understanding the mental toughness with teams                    and departments
•    staff retention
          - understanding what motivates or challenges employees                     both negatively and positively enables managers to better                 manage and retain staff.

Price $190.00 (discounts apply for 6 or more)

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