I recognise that we live in challenging times. To be able to manage and thrive in this new landscape, people need to be able to demonstrate agility, adaptability, master change and challenges and increase their resilience and mental toughness to not only survive but thrive in this setting.

VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) has become the “new normal” for individuals, teams and organisations.

Bakjac Consulting’s vision is simple - to assist individuals, teams and organisations to move from surviving to thriving. We do this by…..

  • Accelerating resilience and mental toughness to manage adversity
  • Building confidence and capability
  • Challenging automatic responses and increasing adaptability
  • Increasing commitment to manage uncertainty in times of change
  •  Activating and maximising potential by working with strengths.

Bakjac Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of services in training, facilitation, coaching, consulting and leadership development to accelerate and maximise capacity to thrive in a fast paced and dynamic landscape.

The wide range of options provided by Bakjac Consulting means that services can be tailored to the needs of each individual and each organisation.

Whether there is a need to manage a particularly stressful period of change, or leaders need opportunities to enhance their emotional intelligence and communication, Bakjac Consulting can partner with individuals and organisations to provide a full continuum of coaching and facilitation services.

Michelle Bakjac